Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing

 Postdoctoral Fellowship – Description and Application Form


The Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing (OAPN) is the first nursing research unit to be established by a cancer program in Canada. The goal of OAPN is to provide a comprehensive, integrated national program of leading-edge research, education and knowledge translation initiatives to support the effective use of generalist, specialized and advanced nursing roles in cancer control. 


OAPN is located within the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. The Juravinski Cancer Program (JCP) is one of the largest comprehensive cancer programs in Canada; serving over 2.3 million people in the Central West region of Ontario. The JCP is an academic teaching and research intensive program associated with the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and is recognized as an international leader in advanced practice nursing, knowledge translation, basic science, clinical trials and health services research in cancer control. In addition to the JCP and McMaster University, OAPN is also a collaborative initiative involving key provincial and national partners including Cancer Care Ontario, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Amgen Canada Inc.


OAPN is led by Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius along with a National Advisory Committee and a Scientific Committee of national and international experts in oncology, advanced practice nursing (APN), health care planning, knowledge translation and research. 

Specific OAPN Objectives are to:


  • Establish a national and international hub of oncology APNs, clinicians, educators, researchers, managers and policy makers;
  • Increase capacity to conduct oncology nursing and APN-related research in three priority areas:
    •  Clinical/ therapeutic interventions,
    • New models of cancer control that include innovative, generalist, specialized and advanced practice nursing roles,
    • Interventions for the effective oncology nursing role development and implementation;
  • Provide education and mentorship opportunities to support the development, recruitment and retention of generalist, specialized and advanced oncology nurses;
  • Promote evidence-based oncology nursing practice through the development of practice guidelines and knowledge transfer activities; and
  • Increase awareness and understanding of generalist, specialized and advanced oncology nursing roles.


Postdoctoral Fellowship

As part of its mandate to increase capacity to conduct research in Canada about the effective use of nursing roles in cancer control, OAPN is offering a one-year postdoctoral fellowship from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.


The successful applicant will have the opportunity to tailor the Fellowship experience to meet individualized learning needs, further develop research knowledge and skills and establish their own program of research through:


  • Mentorship and training by a research supervisor,
  • Post graduate courses,
  • Participation as a co-investigator on provincial/national/international research teams,
  • Support for grant writing,
  • Research infrastructure to conduct pilot projects, 
  • Development and submission of manuscripts for publication, 
  • Co-tutoring and/or teaching graduate research courses,
  • Supervising undergraduate and/or graduate research students. 

Terms of the Fellowship

The Fellowship is a one-year full-time position with a total award of $52,000 for salary plus benefits and $5,000 for education and/or travel expenses. The start date for the award is negotiable, but must begin by July 1, 2011. 


Eligible Applicants

  • Eligible applicants must meet all the following criteria:
  • The Fellowship is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada at the time of application;
  • Completion of a Ph.D. or equivalent in nursing or other health care/health research areas within the last 5 years. Students currently enrolled in a doctoral program must provide proof of eligibility for completion of all aspects of their thesis work by July 1, 2011.
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and background in oncology nursing, health services/health policy research and/or knowledge translation; and
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are able to participate full-time for onsite research training and OAPN activities in Hamilton. However, applicants living at a distance will be considered if they can demonstrate ability to effectively engage in training and OAPN research activities at the Juravinski Cancer Centre and McMaster University.

Application Process

The closing date for applications is April 30, 2011.


Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius, 

Director, Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology APN (OAPN)

Juravinski Cancer Centre, Room 4-222

699 Concession St., Hamilton, Ontario. L8V 5C2


The completed application package must be received by April 30, 2011 and include the following components:


  • A brief outline of Fellowship goals and their relevance to OAPN goals and objectives and potential impact on nursing roles in cancer control. (maximum of 150 words)
  • A statement of the applicant’s long-term career goals. (maximum 100 words)
  • A summary of the applicant’s education, employment and research experience and how the Fellowship experience will support the development of his/her program of research. (maximum 200 words)
  • An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae that includes all peer reviewed publications and presentations.  
  • An outline of the proposed training plan and how training activities will support the achievement of Fellowship goals. The applicant’s willingness to relocate/work in Hamilton should be described. Applicants not able to relocate/work in Hamilton on a full-time basis must clearly explain how they plan to effectively engage in training and OAPN activities. (maximum 350 words)
  • A brief timeline outlining the timing, sequence and completion dates of training plan activities. (maximum 100 words)
  • If employed, a letter of support from current employer. This letter should include a clear description of the applicant’s work time and commitments, any restrictions on participating in the Fellowship and the physical, practical and financial resources to be provided by their employer. 
  • Two reference letters (i.e. from Ph.D./doctoral thesis supervisor and/or other faculty or researchers that can comment on how the applicant’s academic achievements and research skills and experience are a good fit and will enable successful completion of Fellowship goals. 
  • The Director of OAPN, Dr. Denise Bryant-Lukosius will supervise the Fellowship. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Bryant-Lukosius to discuss their proposed research program and interest in the Fellowship.
  • Co-supervision by a university-based faculty member with research training and expertise that is complementary to the applicant’s proposed program of research may also be negotiated. The role and expertise of the co-supervisor and contribution to meeting Fellowship training goals should be outlined by the applicant. The co-supervisor should also provide a letter indicating his/her agreement to participate in the Fellowship and the types of support they would be willing to provide to meet research training goals. (maximum 150 words)


Applicants are encouraged to explore the OAPN website ( for more information on the research unit and several of its initiatives. It is recommended that applicants communicate with OAPN director and staff to discuss the feasibility of proposed training plan activities. 


Following a review of the applications, the successful candidate will meet with the OAPN director to finalize the details of the training plan and terms of the Fellowship agreement. 


If you have questions or require additional information about how to apply to this Fellowship, contact Saadia Israr, Program Coordinator for OAPN.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: 905-387-9711 ext 67701