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Resource Needs for Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) Roles in the Ontario Cancer Control System: 5-Year Estimates


 Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse Community of Practice

The Ontario Oncology Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) Community of Practice brings together Advanced Practice Nurses (Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, APN in process) with a clinical focus in cancer care that share common professional goals and interests. The members share information, expertise and experience about the APN roles in oncology settings to learn from one another.


  • To share experience and expertise to enhance our shared knowledge about cancer care, the role of APNs, and other areas of common interest by using a community of practice model approach.
  • To understand the facilitators and constraints faced by oncology APNs across the province.
  • To develop areas of common interest, by generating ideas, facilitating innovation and enabling success.

Live Meeting Teleconferences are held on a quarterly basis.

Oncology Nursing Research Community of Practice


The purpose of the Nursing Research Community of Practice is to advance oncology nursing by engaging clinical oncology nurses, researchers, educators, and organizational practice leaders in conducting and using research.
To advance the quality of oncology nursing practice through the engagement of organizational practice leaders, researchers and educators working in partnership to facilitate use of research in care of cancer populations. Additional, as a network of researchers we are focused on the conduct of high quality research to advance the science and visibility of oncology nursing research for translation into practice.


  • Provide leadership in setting an agenda for oncology nursing research in Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).
  • Contribute and share ideas, knowledge and expertise through collaboration, partnerships, mentoring and networking.
  • Initiate and implement research and/or research based activities relevant to oncology nursing.
  • Promote knowledge translation through linking and/or communicating with other CCO Communities of Practice and key stakeholder groups.


Live Meeting Teleconferences are held on a bi-monthly basis.

Contact for more information about the Communities of Practice:

Naomi Greenberg, Project Coordinator
Cancer Care Ontario
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416.971.9800 x 2702