Evidence-Informed Decision-Making Workshop

The Evidence-Informed Decision-Making Workshop is a one-week intensive course that occurs once a year at McMaster University.  The EIDM Workshop focuses on helping participants to engage in decision making that is informed by the purposeful and systematic use of the best available evidence.  Learning methods include small group (8 to 10 participants) and large group sessions, individual study time, and opportunities to work with a trained librarian.

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What is Evidence-Informed Decision Making?

Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) is the purposeful and systematic use of the best available evidence to inform the assessment of various options and related decision making in practice, program development, and policy making.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Participants gain skill and confidence in:
    • Searching for, access, and critically appraise the relevance and quality of evidence.
    • Interpret and apply the evidence.
    • Identify strategies to implement evidence-informed decisions.


How does this workshop apply to APNs?

APN participation in this workshop will help to expand and further their EIDM skills related to the development, implementation and evaluation of APN roles.

This year, OAPN funded one APN to attend this workshop.  Here is what she said was the value of participating in this workhop:

I had the privilege of attending the Evidence Informed Decision Making Workshop that took place at McMaster university from May 10-14th/2010.  The course covered topics related to searching for the best evidence and how to critically appraise and understand the literature.  The course included lecture style large group sessions as well as didactic small groups.  The learning was augmented by the tutors who were well informed and skilled at facilitating group interaction and discussion.  My small group was comprised of nurses from many different roles and thus the perspectives gleaned from each added to the richness of learning experience.  Overall, I came away much more confident about evidence informed decision making and how to make it applicable in a daily manner; the course "de-mystified" critical appraisal of the literature.  I want to acknowledge OAPN's generosity in funding this educational opportunity for me. - Margaret Forbes, APN, Juravinski Cancer Centre

If you are an APN and are interested in participating in an Evidence-Informed Decision-Making Workshop, please contact Jennifer Ranford, OAPN Program Coordinator for more information.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it