BC Cancer Agency - Nurse Practitioner (NP) Implementation and Evaluation Sessions

The purpose of these sessions was to create the foundation of the formal evaluation of NP implementation as well as to gain a greater understanding of NPs unique concerns in the BC Cancer Agency setting. In addition, these sessions provided an opportunity to enhance interprofessional collaboration, ensure role clarity and to understand how to effectively integrate NPs into the fabric of the nursing team at BC Cancer Agency. A review of the literature reveals these items crucial to the successful implementation and sustainment of the NP role (e.g. Bryant-Lukosius, Green, Fitch, et al., 2007; Bryant-Lukosius, DiCenso, Browne, & Pinelli, 2004; Sangster-Gormley, Martin-Misener, Downe-Wamboldt & DiCenso, 2011).

The workshops took place in December 2014 and March 2015. Click here to view photos from the workshop.

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