Alberta Rose

Achieving Quality Patient Care Through APN Leadership In Research

Course Description


In Canada, two types of advanced practice nursing roles are recognized: Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). Both roles include responsibilities for clinical practice, research, education and leadership. In many studies advanced practice nurses (APNs) frequently report limited ability to participate in research, evidence-based practice and leadership activities because of clinical service demands, inadequate organizational support, and lack of opportunity to develop their confidence and expertise in these areas.


In this course, delivered using distance and face-to-face modalities for Alberta Health Services (AHS), oncology APNs will further enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of a quality improvement (QI), evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) or research project to improve patient, provider and/or system outcomes relevant to their clinical practice. The proposal or project plan will be developed for implementation following completion of the course.




The overall goal of this course is to improve patient care by strengthening the capacity of APNs to lead and integrate research, QI, and EIDM practices into their day-to-day work.




By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1.Formulate strategies to optimize personal, practical, intra and interprofessional, academic and organizational resources and support which enable feasible, satisfying and meaningful participation in research, QI and EIDM activities.

2.Explain the steps in developing, implementing and evaluating research, QI, and EIDM initiatives.

3.Assess and critically appraise the quality and relevance of research findings to clinical practice.

4.Develop an answerable research question.

5.Identify research methods to:

a)Assess needs for improving practice from various perspectives (patient, health provider, team, clinical unit or organization).

b)Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to improve healthcare practices and/or the delivery of healthcare services.

6.Develop a research, QI, or EIDM project proposal relevant to their clinical practice.

7.Formulate strategies to work with decision-making partners through the introduction and implementation of a research/quality improvement project.

8.Implement steps for disseminating and promoting the uptake of research findings into practice.