Provincial, National and International Activities Engaging Oncology Advanced Practice Nurses
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The Advanced Practice Nursing - Community of Practice Discussion Forum  

Measuring APN Activity and Workload  

Ontario’s APN – CoP Continue Work on Measuring APN Activity  

Cancer Care Ontario‟s Cancer Plan 2011 - 2015  

Cancer Care Ontario - Models of Care Program  

Optimizing the Interprofessional Workforce in Community Services: Determine the Need and Role for Advanced Practice Nurses in Alberta  

Advanced Practice Nurses in Switzerland


Peer Reviewed Presentations


Yuille, L., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Valaitis, R., Dolovich, L. (2014). Optimizing registered nurse roles in the delivery of cancer survivorship care (CSC) within primary care settings. CANO/ACIO 2014 Conference. Quebec City, QC. October 27.


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Presentations at Meetings


Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2014). The evolution of advanced nursing practice: Experiences and future challenges. Keynote address. 8th International Council of NP/APN Network Conference. Helsinki, Finland, August 18-20.


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Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2013). Evaluating APN roles: Concepts and considerations. Inselspital ANP Network, Bern, Switzerland. One-day workshop. April 17, 2013.


Bryant-Lukosius, D. (2013). Evidence-based strategies for introducing APN roles. Presentation at a one-day APN workshop. University Hospital, Frieberg, Germany. April 15, 2013.


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