Advanced Practice Nurses in Switzerland

Denise Bryant-Lukosius (Director – Canadian Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing Research
and Canadian Centre of Excellence in Oncology Advanced Practice Nursing, McMaster University)
was invited as a keynote speaker at the Inselspital University Hospital Conference held on March 2, 2012,
in Bern, Switzerland. The keynote addressed:

  • International definitions of advanced nursing practice;
  • Implementation of APN roles around the world;
  • International evidence about APN role outcomes;
  • Barriers and facilitators to successful APN role implementation; and
  • Recommendations for the effective introduction of well-designed APN roles.

This interprofessional conference participants included nurses, APNs, physio and occupational
therapists, physicians, healthcare administrators, faculty and government policy makers..

Further, Denise conducted two workshops sponsored by the Inselspital University Hospital that
focused on APN role development, implementation and evaluation. Collectively, the workshops
explored frameworks available for APN role development, how to conduct a needs assessment,
strategies for conducting meaningful evaluations, and barriers and driving forces for APN role
integration within the healthcare system.

Both workshops were well received with an active audience, rich discussion, and positive
feedback from participants.

On March 5, Denise was the guest of Dr. Sabina de Gueest, Dean of the Institute of Nursing
Science at the University of Basel. She met with nursing and healthcare leaders, faculty, APNs
and APN graduate students at the Institute and the University Hospital to discuss issues about the
education, implementation and evaluation of clinical nurse specialist and nurse practitioner roles
in Switzerland.