Cancer Care Ontario’s Cancer Plan 2011 - 2015

The Cancer Plan outlines a roadmap for how CCO, interprofessional teams of healthcare providers,
community organizations, cancer experts and provincial government can work together to improve
current and future cancer patient outcomes and experience through the cancer journey.

The 2011-2015 Cancer Plan profiles the role of Advanced Practice Nurses and includes a brief
interview with Lorraine Martelli-Reid, a nurse practitioner at the Juravinski Cancer Centre, about
the role.

Here is what Lorraine had to say:

“There are two types of advanced practice nurses (APN) that are commonly recognized – the clinical
nurse specialist and the nurse practitioner. These are nurses who have obtained a Masters degree.
The APN role is about meeting the complex needs of the patient in a specific area. The role of the
APN is very important because they can provide comprehensive assessment and focused intervention
with those patients who have complex care needs. We are strong collaborators. Most APNs work with
other professionals on health care teams and there is a lot of evidence that APNs can improve patient
outcomes. In multidisciplinary teams, APNs can help the care plan come to life and improve health
outcomes for the patient and their family. We are seeing increased support from the health
system and our physician partners for the role of the APN.”