Ontario’s APN – CoP Continue Work on Measuring APN Activity

The APN – CoP will soon commence work on developing a provincial reporting schema for
APN activity using Cancer Care Ontario’s (CCO’s) activity reporting tools (Activity Level
Reporting or ALR). APN – COP co-chairs, Lorraine Martelli-Reid from the Juravinski Cancer
Centre and Cathy Kiteley from the Carl Fidani Cancer Centre will lead a working group
involving clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, senior nursing leaders and healthcare
administrators to begin this project.

This will be a challenging project considering the diversity in APN roles and responsibilities.
None the less, this initiative is critical for bringing clarity to the work of oncology APNs and
supporting the strategic direction of Ontario’s Cancer Plan (2011-2015) and CCO’s Model of
Care Program to deliver timely high quality cancer services through optimal use of APN roles.